Brazilian Blowout is back!

Back and in more demand than ever…..Brazilian Blowout bookings.  The humidity is here.  The good ole’ Florida frizz….and clients are missing their Brazilian Blowouts.  They are asking about all the “hub bub” in the media a year ago, and finally finding out the truth.   Not only is it perfectly safe by OSHA’S published reports, but its the product with the best results!  Each official bottle now comes with its own safety data sheet, for everyone to see….while none of the “others” do.  Another reason clients are flocking back….either due to false misleading reports, or due to dwindling budgets, they had tried the cheaper copycat smoothing treatments.  And there is simply no comparison to the Brazilian Blowout results!  Combine that with no down time, no rules about pinning back or getting wet right away, and it makes the Brazilian Blowout process much more realistic and friendly to Florida temps.  Come see how great, smooth, full of shine, and easy to style your hair can be!!!

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