My aunt, who is a master hair stylist like you, used to be the only person I'd allow to come near my hair with a pair of scissors. Unfortunately, she retired and moved back to Colombia. Anytime anyone who would cut my hair, on her visits back to Florida, she'd be quick to tell me the mistakes they made on my hair. So this last time she came to visit and saw my hair she said that whoever is cutting my hair now is doing a great job :) Finally!!! Love how my hair looks since I've been going to you :)

Veronica T.

Beth is great, really listens and gets it right! I feel very comfortable there and love the salon.


Beth is the best hair dresser I have ever had. I never understood why people would talk about sticking with a particular hair dresser in the past. I always figured just go to the closest one. Well now I understand. Beth is great. I feel comfortable with her, she seems to just know how to style my hair and I will keep going to her for as long as I can.


Well, the girl is amazing...thats all I can say. She was blunt, honest, and confident...but easy to talk to and not at all intimidating. Just a real person. There wasn't some houity touity outfit, or too busy to ask questions to front desk girl. It's just Beth. And I now appreciate that very much as she was able to come in on a Sunday for an emergency. Such an emergency hair fix, that with no other option... and her dedication to making sure I didn't continue to cry over the hack job (from a big expensive place) and call in sick to work the next day...she hauled her two young boys up there on her day off to fix me. And fix me she did!! All the while laughing and chasing after kids too....my color and cut are now exactly what I had wanted in the first place. All that AND I learned a lot about chemistry and hair color at the same time. Love this girl. Quality work, caring stylist!

Melissa Kelly

If you are looking for someone who loves "making you look and feel good", go to Beth. She knows hair, color and listens to her customer. You will not be disappointed and you'll look great, too!

Bea Boxx

The best haircut, every time. I've had Beth cut and style my hair for almost 10 years and I say almost because there were two years when she moved and during those two years I missed Beth everyday. I went from stylist to stylist, paying money for cuts I was never happy with. When Beth moved back it was like Christmas and I booked my appointment with her immediately. Every cut and style I have received from Beth gives me tons of great compliments from friends, family and even strangers. Everyone always asks "I want your hair! What do you do?" and my honest answer every time is "Beth". The very best in the Tampa area!

Bethany Kincaid

Beth is one of the most amazing people I know...she truly cares for her customers and makes them look great so that is an awesome feeling. My wife had gone to different places for her hair care and no one truly does it like Beth does.

Carlos Pinedo

Beth is great at what she does! After trying many stylists that don't exactly give me the look I wanted, I was thrilled to find that Beth could do it! I have never had such a great cut in my life; my hair is easier than ever to style now, and the highlights look amazing and are just the right color. She truly listens to what you want, while making suggestions as to what will look best with the type and length of your hair, skin tone, and face shape. I found my forever stylist!!!